Health = Wealth: Tips To Stay Motivated And Thrive In Your Current Job Or Job Search

Are you unemployed and feeling defeated in your job search? Or are you employed and drained, not even willing to get out of your seat to pick up lunch?

If you have answered yes to the above my next question is are you exercising and feeding yourself well? If the answer to this question is no then good news, it can only get better from here!

Health and wealth are things we all strive for, but in order to have wealth we need to have our health and it all starts with you making better choices for yourself. Here are 5 tips to gaining your energy back that will give you the motivation to network and apply for a job or motivation to go above and beyond at work.

1.     Sleep: you need at least 7 hours of sleep per night to feel fully rested. Sleep resets all of our bodily functions including our brains that help you perform well on the job or in your interview.

2.     Exercise: our bodies were meant to move – get 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day or 30 minutes of intense exercise every other day. Exercise gives us energy and endorphins (the chemicals our brain produces that make us happy)– its science!

3.     Eat right: fuel your body and mind with power foods that give you lasting energy  – think fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and of course your occasional treat – no need for deprivation. What you put into your body is key and can either be your secret weapon to success keeping you energized and focused or it could bring you down if you choose fatty sugary foods that make you tired and crash. Everyone is different and my advice is to know yourself and figure out what foods make you feel good. Scientifically brain power foods include: salmon, broccoli, nuts, berries and even chocolate – all within moderation of course.

4.     Have an outlet: find a way to gain inspiration outside of your job search and sometimes even your current day to day job. Whether that be going to an enjoyable exercise class, DYI crafts or going to a painting class, exploring a new exhibit at a museum: find a way to unleash your talents in another area in your life where you can set goals and accomplish them, even if it’s small. This simple yet enjoyable tactic will give you confidence and further motivate you to go after what you want in your career – you will feel your worth and know you’re a valuable asset to any employer!

5.     Volunteer: another way to feel accomplished as you fight through the job search or a rough patch at work is to volunteer your time for a meaningful cause. This also can serve a dual purpose – if you volunteer for an organization where you can do work that would help you gain transferable skills into your next job it’s a win-win. It always feels good to give!

These are just a few helpful hints, but the point is keep yourself active and treat yourself well, if you show respect to yourself, others will too, you are valuable and if you treat yourself that way, others will see you that way. Take care of your appearance too – it’s always a bonus for an interviewer to walk into an interview with a friendly and nice looking person. You can tell when someone is down on their luck or if they are really motivated, positive, and upbeat. Health is wealth – take care of yourself and you will get taken care of in your job or in the job market.