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Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!


The job market is picking up. There are more opportunities available now than there have been in the last 2 years, right?! Absolutely! However, let’s not forget that there are a few major groups of candidates who could potentially vie for the same openings.

1) Fantastic talent that got laid-off throughout the recession, many of who are still looking for their next big role

2) Recent grads who flood the job market each and every year in an attempt to establish themselves

 3) The so-called “lucky ones” who weathered the storm with their current company, and are now ready to make a move

That means that the mad dash to apply and the level of competition are even greater than it once was. Everyone could be competing for the same openings and in turn, hiring managers are that much more selective in their interviewing process. Bottom line…after you meet with your potential employer (aka: interview), how do you know whether or not you are really being considered amidst all of this competition?

Take a look at these tell-tale signs to get some insight into whether or not you are in the race or simply sitting on the sidelines.