Temping is Hot! 3 Characteristics of a Great Temp Who Will Get Great Gigs

Whether you are in between jobs looking for something perm, an entertainment professional, interested in trying something new, or someone who is looking for job flexibility, temping is beneficial for job seeking candidates and businesses alike. Businesses are increasingly turning to staffing services to increase their workforce and improve flexibility/agility to match the ebb and flow of the economy.  Businesses are continuing to strive to find the right mix of temp and perm employees to achieve business goals and remain profitable.

What was once a band aid during the Great Recession when there were a lot of unknowns has become a business solution and a great way to satisfy certain lifestyle choices and will grow by 5.9% from 2016 – 2018. The temp market is booming!

In just 1 week there are 3 million temp workers helping companies reach their business goals, that’s huge and the biggest draw for temp work is the opportunity to get permanent employment as well as the flexibility it offers. We are a culture of people who have a thirst for pursuing our passion or working with a purpose, temp work allows for a steady income while being able to go for those true interests. On the flip side temp work provides people the opportunity to get their foot in the door at competitive companies and to test the waters a bit before committing perm.

How can you get in on the action? Apply to an agency that feels right to you. I’m biased, I think my agency, Clarity, is the best (which it was named a top 10 agency by TimeOut NY), but here is what it takes to be a successful temp candidate who we would want to give our best jobs to:

1. Attitude is everything: Above all, we look for people who have a can do attitude where no task is too big or small. A lot of the temp work that comes through our office at Clarity is urgent and is helping to support a team in some way. While the work is meaningful and extremely helpful to the company, there may be some tasks that aren’t as exciting as the rest. A great temp will be someone who has a no task is too big or too small and would be happy to help in any way possible with a smile.

2. Polish is key: Someone who can represent themselves well is important. A polished appearance and strong communication skills are paramount to landing and succeeding in a position. When we are sending candidates out to our clients, we are essentially putting our stamp of approval and judgement on the line. We want to send candidates to our clients that we trust and know can represent us well.

3. Transparency and commitment: There are all types of temp roles out there, everything from 1 day to 6 months and beyond. Average temp positions last 3 months (a typical maternity leave or quarter). To stay in a staffing agencies/company’s good graces it’s imperative to be open and honest about availability and commitment. It’s completely ok to turn down a job, the worst thing a candidate can do is commit to something and back out after the fact or start and quit mid-way through. Be honest about your timing and skill set and it will be a pleasurable experience.

Jump on that temp bandwagon and enjoy all the benefits that come with temping: potential for a perm role, job flexibility, and a new challenge every day, not to mention helping a business in need, it always feels good to help!

Whether you are someone interested in taking on temp work or if you are a business in need of temp services from a reputable agency and want to learn more, email me directly at erica.ravich@claritystaffing.com. We look forward to hearing from you!