5 Ways to Snag a Hot Temp Job This Summer (Yes, there’s still time!)

Summer job cropped

Summer is in full effect and you know what that means! Quiet offices due to people taking weekend trips to the beach, that hot summer haze that makes everyone slow down a bit, the job search can seem to take much longer than usual in the summer months. But don’t fret, with these challenges comes an opportunity to stay busy and make money with temp work!

Whether you are in between jobs, looking/patiently waiting to land a dream job, going to school in the fall, have no clue what you want to do professionally, or whatever your reason may be – there is a ton of opportunity to get working ASAP.

Here’s the scoop on temping in NYC and how you can snag a gig:

Typical temp jobs:

  1. Reception coverage
  2. Data entry
  3. Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant
  4. Event help
  5. Project work

Length of assignments:

Temp work can range anywhere from 1 day to a few days, a few weeks, a few months, and longer. At Clarity we see a ton of daily temp reception needs come up on Fridays/Mondays in the summer or full weeks in July/August to fill in for receptionists calling out to take a long weekend. We also see month long or few month long project needs that come up – companies are trying to ramp up for Q3 and need extra hands.

Benefits of temp jobs:

  1. Opportunity to take on meaningful work with reputable companies: Nearly half of employers, 47%, plan to hire temporary or contract workers in 2016, up slightly from 46% in last year’s survey.” The best places to work are looking to hire temps – temping can be your ticket in!
  2. Make money $$$: Temp work definitely pays more than retail/hospitality so even if your only reason is to temp is to make money, get after it.
  3. Work flexibility: Both sides benefit from the flexibility of temp work. We typically hear about a temp opportunity with very short notice so if availability matches, then it’s all good!
  4. Fill resume gaps: Instead of sitting around waiting to hear back on an application and letting the gap widen on your resume, start temping with great companies and have something to show for it.
  5. Network and gain insight/valuable skills: Actually working and meeting people beats sending out applications into the black hole of the internet. Temping is a great way to meet people and see the insides of different offices – you never know who you will meet and where it could lead! Our temps have also found this process to be very informative as either what they do want or what they don’t want in a job. We have also seen many of our temps go in for what was supposed to be just a temp job and finding permanent work through it. Hey it can happen to you too!

How can you get in on all the exciting temp action?

  1. Update your resume: make sure to tailor it to the job you are going for and include relevant technological skills.
  2. Apply: Sign up with a reputable agency (we are obviously biased…but apply to sign up with Clarity!) Now instead of applying to one job you are applying to an unlimited amount of jobs, not to mention, a person dedicated to matching you with relevant opportunities that fit your criteria – let the floodgates open!
  3. Have a great attitude: We find the most successful temps who get the best feedback have a can-do attitude with a mindset that no task is too big or too small and take their job seriously. Even though this is a temp job, the people you meet and work with can turn out to be great references if relevant.
  4. Be open and flexible: You never know what can come of even a 1 day temp job, open your mind to the various possibilities and the more open/flexible you are (as long as it still satisfies your priorities) the more work you will get!
  5. Be reliable: The best temp candidates and the ones we will call again and again are the ones who are reliable and uphold their commitments. If you can’t do a job, no worries, don’t commit. But if you do commit in order to stay in everyone’s good graces, commit!

If you are curious to learn more about what it’s like to temp or a day in the life feel free to contact us at careers@claritystaffing.com.

We can’t wait to hear from you!