The Flipside: From Candidate to Recruiter

Upon being asked to be a contributing writer to our blog, it got me thinking… what would our candidates be most interested in learning about? Then it hit me. I worked with Clarity as a candidate and a couple of years later started as an internal hire… Maybe I’ll share what it’s actually like to work with Clarity from the outside, in!

My story starts in Alabama, the place I had called home for a few years. After a long weekend of visiting friends and family, I decided I needed to wake up in the city that never sleeps and ventured off to prepare for life in the Empire State. I researched companies of interest, got feedback on my resume and arranged calls with contacts that were on the ground to get a sense of how to prepare for interviews. One of the most interesting pieces of advice shared with me that still lingers in my head was, keep the outfit conservative and your nails manicured. To this day, I obsess over a detail as small as the condition of my manicure when going into a meeting.

I was fortunate enough in my search to be referred by a friend to Clarity. My whirlwind of interviews wrapped up meeting Richard and Jess from the Clarity team. I went in wearing a plain black dress accented with a simple belt and flats – comfort chic for running all over town… and my nails were done. I appreciated that both Jess and Richard really took time to get to know me, my experience and listened to what I wanted going forward. Jess did a fantastic job of educating me on the process of partnering with recruiters in my search. I was ready to earn some street cred in New York, and as luck and timing would have it, they had the perfect role for me.

For the next two years I worked on a recruiting team in the finance bubble, gained priceless experience, built some great relationships and made a point to keep in touch with Jess and Richard all along the way.

I really enjoyed the exposure to such talented minds in the financial world, and while this experience was extremely invaluable, especially as my introduction to the concrete jungle, I began to think about stepping out of my comfort zone and couldn’t help wanting to develop a broader skill set. Just about that time, it came to my attention that the team at Clarity was growing and I wanted in! I reached out to Jess, who had been an instrumental part of my initial search, to see if I might be able to throw my hat in the ring.

After meeting with everyone, I came on board this past summer to work with the most talented, brightest team of recruiters and get the thrill of partnering with our fantastic clients in a wide range of industries, helping to efficiently and effectively build their teams. The office vibe is high energy and collaborative, the candidate experience is always top of mind as well as tailoring our searches make the best matches for our clients. Having worked with Clarity in the candidate seat and now on the account side of the table –  if you’re looking for some direction in your job search and need a hand to hold, I can safely say this is crew is the top of the heap when it comes to recruiting in New York!

Lindsey Simmons