Resume Tips To Aid You In Your Job Search

Searching for a new job? Make sure your resume is in tip top shape since it is the first impression an employer or a recruiter has about you as a candidate. Recruiters spend a matter of seconds when reading over a resume so when it comes to formatting your resume, you want to have all of your information organized in a clear and concise fashion. Most people have multiple versions of their resume and adjust it depending on the specific job that they are applying for. Regardless, your resume must always include your name, contact information, education, and an overview of your work experience.

Content: When it comes to the content of your resume, be sure to look over the job description thoroughly and pick out any key words. Utilizing these key words highlights how your qualifications directly align with those of the job at hand. You should also have the majority of your resume focused on your current or most recent position. As a position become less relevant to the job you are applying for, you should focus less on this positon in your resume. Ideally, your resume should fit on one page, so you want to use your precious space on the most relevant and recent experience! When it comes to where you should place your education, it is your choice weather you would like to highlight your education at the top of your resume or at the bottom. If your GPA is lower than a 3.5 there is no need to add it to your resume. For more ideas on filling out the skills section click here.

Format: Aside from the content in your resume, you want to make sure that your resume is formatted well. A poorly formatted resume is just as bad as a poorly written one. It shows the recruiter that you lack attention to detail and overall interest in the position, neither of which are good first impressions! Everything should be the same font, color, size, aligned on the left or right side of the paper, and be free of spelling errors. An effective way to format your resume is seen below.

Resume ExampleNow that your resume is ready to go – the next step is landing job interview. Check out our  tips to interview like a pro here. Good Luck with your job search!