5 Tips for Battling the Monday Blues

Hey Mike- what day is it? WHAT DAY IS IT? … It’s Monday, one of Wednesday’s not-so-glamorous cousins and arguably one of the most difficult days of the week.   For two days we sleep in and act out only to return to work Monday tired, drawn, and cranky.   How can we battle the Monday Madness?

Water:  That’s right, water!  Although coffee and energy drinks provide us with a boost, the reaction is short-lived.  Instead of drinking lots of liquid that will cause a jittery crash, consider replacing some of the liquid that we lose naturally!  Your body is over 50 percent water, losing this water can lead to dehydration which causes fatigue, headaches, and a slowed metabolism.  All of these symptoms shirk energy

Breakfast:  It’s the old cliché- “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  I am supremely guilty of regularly skipping breakfast and I can say with certainty that this affects my ability to remain alert and focused.  Food is quite literally fuel for the body and breakfast is the jump start to get you on your way.  But beware the call of the pastry!  Fatty, sugar-filled carbohydrates tend to dominate the breakfast world, but these are not the foods that will provide lasting energy.  Instead, focus on healthy sources of fiber, protein, and healthy fats like Omega 3’s.  Try a whole grain waffle with peanut butter and raisins.  Just remember, a healthy breakfast to start the day, plus healthy snacks along the way!

Mental Breaks:  Working straight through the day without a break does not automatically make you employee of the month, but it can cause you to grow fatigued and unfocused.  Checking Facebook can be a good break (always check your firm’s computer use policy before logging on), but why not make your mental break count?  Instead of spending your break scrolling, try a brain teaser like riddles or a puzzle game.  You would be surprised how stimulating a game of Candy Crush can be!

Music: Studies have shown a potential link between listening to music and productivity.  Although the connection is not proven, we all know that music has the ability to affect our mood.  Consider creating an office playlist to get you pumped for the day ahead.  Your favorite jams will wake you up and set you in action; plus, admit it- you have always wanted your own super awesome soundtrack.

Keep Moving:  A body at rest stays at rest, a tired body in an office chair face-plants onto your keyboard and sends an embarrassingly incoherent email.  No, you probably can’t take a break from your 11 o’clock meeting to go to the gym, but you can find plenty of excuses to get up and get moving!  If you do feel yourself dozing at your desk, take a few minutes to stand up, have a good stretch, and take a walk around the office.  A trip to the bathroom, a trip to the kitchen, a trip to the supply closet- it doesn’t matter!  The important thing is for you to get your blood flowing and your muscles moving.

It is not full proof, but it is a start.  Try these tips to keep your next Monday from descending into madness!