A Web Address to Impress: How an e-Portfolio can enhance your job search!

There are only so many ways to write a professional resume.  Yes, you can change the layout to please the eye.  Yes, you can add a pop of color to stand out in a drab pile of white 8.5 x 11 papers.  However, you cannot include tangible examples of some of your finest work and achievements!

In the past, job seekers did not have the ability to share their portfolio along with their resume.  Instead, we were forced to summarize job descriptions and banish skills and recognitions to the bottom inch of the page.  Fortunately, we now have the option of creating an e-Portfolio- a comprehensive webpage that provides prospective employers with an interactive journey through your qualifications and experience!

The functionality of your e-Portfolio is only as limited as your imagination.  The top of the page should contain your name and contact information.  This is still the first place that the reader’s eyes will go.  If a prospective employer feels that you are a good fit to the company, you want to be sure that he can reach you!

Now we can consider your qualifications.  Your e-Portfolio should be simple to navigate.  One way to do this would be to break it down into categories.  For example, one may include a short biography, academic history, employment history, interests/recognitions, and documents.  These headings may appear as links below your contact information.  Any buttons or drop down menus should be highly visible and bring employers directly to the information that they are looking for (do not have a link to a link to a link!).

This is where you can take an opportunity to get creative.  What sells in your industry?  For example, if you are a graphic designer, an e-Portfolio is the perfect avenue to show your design capabilities!  You also have the ability to go a bit more in depth with the information that you provide.  Bullet points are still a great way to keep your job responsibilities succinct and easy to digest.  However, because this is a webpage there is an opportunity to further expand this summary.  Consider creating a more detailed, in depth description of more meaningful positions, achievements, and experiences.  Prospective employers can read the bullet points quickly, but click the job title for more in-depth information.

Finally, your e-Portfolio is the perfect spot to create a home for any items that you would share in a portfolio during an interview.  This is also the perfect opportunity to catch the eye of a prospective employer!  Before we were forced to wow HR with a bland, black and white account of your employment history, now you can provide everyone with examples of your work when you apply for a position.  Remember that marketing brief that took three sleepless nights and countless gallons of coffee?  That hard work could be your ticket to an interview!