How to Keep Your Job Search Going During the Summer Months!

1.    Say YES to the temporary assignment

Temporary work availability goes up in the summer for so many reasons. Whether it’s because full-time employees are taking vacation time off, or companies are hosting an increased amount of events, or companies simply seem to be slowing down their direct hire searches. The fact is that the need for temporary employees remains. If you are looking for long-term employment, and in the meantime are offered the short-term temporary assignment, take it! The benefits of temping are numerous aside from bringing money into your bank account. For one, taking the temp role will allow you to network within the company, make connections, and you will ultimately build relationships which you otherwise would not have had the chance to build. Sometimes, you don’t find your dream job, but your dream job finds you. Not only will you build a relationship with this company, you will also prove to your staffing agency that you are hirable. You are flexible, hardworking, and a fast learner. You jumped into a position and picked up where the last person left off. Your agency can vouch for you when you get the interview for that perfect permanent role because of the excellent feedback you received from your temporary assignment. Take the temp job – it will only work in your favor.

2.     Attend the networking events

Go to any and all networking events you are invited to. Maybe you were invited by your alumni association, or maybe it was simply a mass email you received. Grab a friend and go! You never know what hands you may shake and how they can change your career.  Also, a networking event does not have to be an official invitation. Go to drinks or coffee with a peer group you are not that familiar with. Branch out, meet new people, and learn about what other people do. People love to talk about themselves, so get them talking. Listen and learn. You never know what will happen when you learn about a stranger. As they say, it’s not the grades you make, but the hands you shake.

3.     Don’t stop applying

A lot of people assume that there are no jobs available in the summer, and these discouraged people will not apply for the job you want. Apply! You will be one person in a smaller applicant pool. You can stand out by being one of the fewer candidates for that job. Companies are still posting jobs, and positions are always available. Whether the employer is moving slowly or quickly through the hiring process, the position is available! This role needs to be filled at some point in time. Don’t stop applying, and also don’t forget what you have applied for. Keep track of your search, stay organized, be persistent, and you will get the job you want and deserve.

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