Interview Insights: Questions You DON’T Want to Ask in an Interview

You have landed an interview at a great company and it seems to be going well. Towards the end, the employer asks you if you have any questions. Come prepared. This is an opportunity to ask some thoughtful and engaging questions that illustrate you have researched the company and show your interest in the role on a deeper level.  On the other hand, you should be careful to avoid some topics that might put off your potential employer.  Our resident Clarity experts have compiled a list of questions to AVOID during this important portion of the interview.

On the first interview:

  • Don’t ask about salary or benefits.
  • Stay away from questions concerning time off, vacation days, holidays, etc.
  • Don’t ask too much about growth. Show interest in growing with the company but you want to make sure you’re interviewing for the role at hand.
  • Do not ask when you will be up for a raise or promotion. Concentrate on getting the job first and then prove yourself before you broach this topic.
  • Avoid the topic of compensation in the first interview. If asked, make it about the opportunity.
  • Don’t ask if you can work remotely (unless is it specifically stated in the job description).

In general:

  • Be tactful about how you ask questions. Tone, phrasing and body language can all communicate a question effectively or it could come across completely different than you intended.
  • Don’t ask about office attire. Start out more formal and take cues from your coworkers once you are onboard.
  • Never ask about how much time people take for lunch.
  • Don’t ask inappropriate personal questions.

Steering clear of these questions will get you one step closer to getting an offer!