Why You Dont Have To Be Big To Think Big?

You’ll often hear us proudly refer to Clarity as a boutique recruiting firm. We do this because we truly believe in the benefits of taking a boutique firm approach to the recruiting business. We feel it affords us a more dynamic view of the matching process: We can drill down to the finest details without losing sight of the big picture. For us, holding to the boutique model helps us think big about our candidates’ careers and clients’ needs, while providing that truly personal touch and direct communication every step of the way.

Clarity employs a somewhat less traditional approach to the way it engages with candidates in that, yes, we discuss their resumes and our job descriptions, but we also focus equally on the personality characteristics and individual wishes of each candidate.  We say it all the time:  “The paper is important, but the person is even more significant.”  That attention to the personal details allows Clarity to understand each person individually, resulting in dynamic matches with our clients that produce successful short-term solutions and lasting long-term partnerships.

Breaking it down, the process is simple.  Even with the first phone screen, we’re beginning to assess the background, career goals, and personality of each candidate.  Basically, we’re there to find out where a candidate has been, and where he/she is looking to go. If we feel that a candidate is a strong match for our typical roles, and that candidate feels that we are a strong match for their search, we schedule an in-office meeting to continue the discussion. During this meeting we discuss that candidate’s unique skill set, his/her aspirations, and any of our current openings that may be a fit. We also take the time to get to know the candidates on a personal level. What kinds of jobs have they enjoyed the most? What management styles do they prefer? How have they responded to different office cultures? Likes, dislikes, and their accounts of good and bad experiences provide insight into what could make the ideal match between candidate and client.

When the candidate is in our office we seek to maximize their exposure to us, and vice versa; it is not uncommon for a candidate to meet with a few Recruiters and Account Managers across industries and roles. Different interviewing styles lead to different questions, which lead to different responses, which lead to more knowledge and a greater understanding of the candidate. This gives us the ability to see the candidate from multiple viewpoints, and it all feeds into discussions as we scour our resources to find that perfect match.  Weekly, our team huddles together to have an  in-depth review of all current openings, as well as all candidates that are using us as a resource in their searches. This provides unparalleled access to make sure that all possible matches are considered.  And anytime we are able to reach out with a possible match, we provide as many details as possible, answer any questions, and let the candidate make the decision on moving forward.

We’ve seen great success from our process, and we take pride in the small things:  listening more than we’re talking, taking the time to understand what makes each candidate tick, and making great connections that lead to career matches. We’re each grateful for the trust our candidates and clients place in us, and for the continued opportunity to do what we do best: thinking big while staying boutique.