Clarity Spotlight: Elizabeth Wade

Who? Director of Operations

Time at Clarity?

I began working for Clarity in July of 2006, originally in a recruiting/account management role however in 2009, I transitioned into my current position managing Clarity’s business operations.   The position of heading up Clarity’s operations is a busy and challenging role! 

What she does:

Clarity has experienced tremendous growth over the past five years, especially within the past few years while I served as Operations Manager.  We have accomplished the successful launch of a new business entity, Clarity Technology Partners, we expanded our presence to include DC/Northern Virginia, Silicon Valley, and North Carolina, we have added recruiters to all of our existing offices to better serve our loyal client base, and we appointed Moira Donahue as the director of the New York office.  These changes do not make my job easy, but allows Clarity and Clarity Technology Partners to offer our customer service driven mentality to new clients and better service our existing client base.

Why Clarity?

Due to unstable economic times that continually challenge hiring practices and the job market, my time at Clarity has forced me to use creative, outside the box thinking.  I am fortunate to work for a firm that embraces innovation and technology.  This has allowed us to use multiple applications to better services our candidates and clients.  For example, Clarity recruiters use Skype to interview candidates preparing to relocate, we use tablet technology when meeting with candidates and clients, and have added e-onboarding as part of our application process.  Accessing information quickly and efficiently is essential to placing our candidates in meaningful roles and finding our clients lifelong human assets.

Favorite Place to Visit:

Having an international perspective on business is critical for managing and expanding our business, especially being headquartered in New York.  Travel is extremely important to me and each trip is a valuable learning experience.  I have traveled to countries all over the world and I always take time to visit global staffing companies.  It is incredible the possibility of success that is evident from several US based staffing firms.  Traveling to cities such as London and Barcelona mirrors some of the unemployment challenges we have faced in the United States and a city such as Tokyo is a reminder of the strength and resilience that is possible even after facing extreme adversity. 

One thing Most People don’t know about you:

In order to strengthen my understanding of operational effectiveness and strategic growth, I am in the process of earning my MBA from Baruch College’s, Zicklin School of Business.  Business School is demanding, yet offers knowledge imperative to understand appropriate utilization of resources in the functional areas of technology, personnel, accounting and executive decision making.  Learning alongside other New York City professionals provides me with a collaborative evaluation of our current business processes and offers new and progressive ideas, concepts, and philosophies.