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By, Colleen Robson


Summer is over. That means no more escaping to the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore every weekend, the days are already starting to get shorter, and you can’t run out of your apartment in a tank top, shorts and flip flops anymore. But look at the bright side: you can finally walk to work without requiring a shower when you get there, get a seat on the LIRR on a Friday night or Saturday morning, and take advantage of all of the fun things to do in and around the city in the Fall!

After three months of living out of a suitcase, it’s nice to be able to stay put on weekends in October, November and December. There is a ton to do, and you don’t have to leave the island of Manhattan for any of it! Here are a few things that make Fall my favorite season to be in New York City:

1) The weather – say goodbye to humidity and hello to the crisp autumn breeze! Alright, maybe your tan will fade, but the best thing about Fall is your wardrobe. It’s warm enough that you don’t have to wear a huge coat, gloves, hat, etc., but you’ll feel perfectly comfortable in a sweater, jeans, boots, and a scarf.

2) Football – you don’t even have to be a fan of the sport for football season in the city to be tons of fun. It’s essentially just another excuse to get together with all of your friends, drink and eat good food, while showing some pride for your hometown! Every sports bar in NYC is overflowing on Sundays and usually have some great food and drink deals.

3) Pumpkin flavored everything – you can’t walk into a Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, bar or bakery after Labor Day without being surrounded by pumpkin flavored treats. From coffee, to muffins, to beer, it’s all pumpkin flavored and it’s all delicious!

4) Halloween and Thanksgiving – they’re both so much fun to celebrate, and are especially exciting around NYC. Along with the supermarket shelves being stocked with candy, there are other fun activities associated with these holidays. From hayrides to haunted houses! Plus, it’s an excuse to dress up and look like a fool without being judged (kind of).

These are just a few of the fun things about Fall in New York and some things to look forward to as the leaves start to change and the weather gets cooler. No doubt that New York is the best city in the world, but it can definitely be rough in the winter. Before long, we may be shoveling ourselves out of our apartments to get to work, so take advantage while you can!