Interview = First Date

By, Anna Doctors

first date

Have you ever considered this? A first round interview and a first date are almost the same thing! You spend the day before playing out the scenario in your head. You make mental notes on questions to ask and topics to discuss. And you wear your best clothes! When all is said an done, you just want the other person to like you and feel that you can be an asset to them and/or the team.

Here’s why interviews and first dates are comparable:

1. Dress for success. In both cases, you are trying to make a great first impression and nice, clean and appropriate clothes can help you!

2. Use discretion. Once you get your meeting, make sure to not spill the beans on every little detail of your life too soon. It can make anyone feeling uneasy, especially someone who’s looking to hire you or date you.

3. Put on a happy face. Who wants to go on a first date with someone who’s miserable? No one. Put your best face forward and don’t get too negative about any previous employers. The hiring manager may come to the conclusion that hiring you could lead to trouble.

4. Be honest. If your date asks you a question about your past, don’t lie. It’s bound to get out eventually and you’ll get dumped. Or worse (in this economy), fired.

5. Q&A. In order to learn about your date or potential employer you need to ask questions and give answers! In either case, make sure to prepare a list of questions for the other person (for the date, please make a mental list. If you whip out a sheet of paper with questions, you won’t be seeing that person again.)

Always remember: If you walk into a date or interview with confidence you will most likely leave with confidence!