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Summer’s Over And So Are The Excuses! By, Moira Donahue Dorst


As the autumn breeze rolls in and your white clothes are moved into a plastic bin under your bed we get the sense that Summer is over as fast as it began! Most candidates we meet this season are very relaxed about their job search and many actually put their search on hold during the Summer months. Some use it as an excuse, “there is nothing out there anyway, let’s go to the beach” even when there is. For those of you that do, September is the time to get back in action and fast! Don’t let that three month gap on your resume turn into six months. The active candidates are more desirable so get out there and get interviewing!

Best ways to swat away the lazy days of Summer during your job search this Fall are:

1) Set and alarm and get up early every day. Take a walk around the block, get some fresh air, and think about your strategy for the day.

2) Dress for the day, this has a major impact on your day. Doing your job search in PJs almost always leads to long TV breaks or naps. Do the search at a desk or table; it is more efficient than on a chaise lounge!

3) Update your resume.  Include any activity you did over the summer (even volunteer work or part time jobs!) and send it out to EVERYONE, even if they aren’t in the field you are looking, chances are they know someone who is.

4) Update your LinkedIn profile, set your status that you are looking for a job

5) Network, interview and temp any chance you can, the active job seekers are the ones who will get the job!