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The Importance of Being Polished! By, Anna Doctors

professional-woman There is a long list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to interviewing and they usually involve your resume, communication skills and overall interview skills, but dressing the part should never be overlooked!

Here are some tips to keep your polish on an interview:

  1. Brush your hair. You’d be surprised, trust me. You can wear your hair up, down, or half-up half-down… just make sure it looks neat. You want to look like you prepared, not like you just rolled out of bed!
  2. Wear clean clothes. It’s important that your suit or interview attire looks crisp and professional. If you’ve worn is once before, give it a quick ironing. Make sure your shirt’s tucked in and your buttons are straight!
  3. Be mindful of nail polish. Everyone wears it, but for an interview you don’t want it to be distracting to the interviewer. Steer clear from bright, bold colors and opt for sheer natural tones!
  4. This isn’t Broadway. Makeup is a miracle worker, I know this, but you aren’t under heavy bright lights during an interview (although it may feel like that in some cases). There is no need to cake on the dramatic eyes and lips. Choose a more natural palate for an interview.
  5. Aaaaaand Relax. Your emotional state can play a huge part in the way you look. If you are stressed or in a hurry to get to another appointment, try not to let the interviewer know. Make sure your cell phone is off and when you walk into the interview room take your coat completely off and place your bag on the floor, never keep it on your lap!

So there it is folks, some minor tips to help you look the part! Remember, while the world may be headed in a more casual direction, you should ALWAYS be on your game at first professional impression.