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Leave it off the resume… By, Anna Doctors


Being in the recruiting world, we see a lot of resumes in one day. A whole lot! So as anyone could assume, we have seen it all… the good, the bad and the really bad. Here are a few things to leave OFF a resume.

1. Age, Sex, Race.  The biggest no-no’s of all! I really can’t stress this enough. We don’t want to know this information and if you put it on your resume it will just give us a reason not too respond to you. The information is unrelated to any job. So please, remove the personal information and we’ll call you!

2. Spelling/Grammar errors. There is nothing worse than when I see someone has applied for an Administrative Assistant position and the word ‘administrative’ is spelled wrong. If you can’t spell the job title correctly, you won’t get it.

3. Unprofessional email address.  Hiring managers look at this information and when your email address isn’t professional it can say a lot about a person. For example, if you can be reached at it’s probably not giving the HR person a good impression. With an immature name, he/she would never think you could handle the job you’ve applied for. Just stick to your name or the job you’re applying for as your address (ie. or

4. Picture. It is not necessary to attach a photo of yourself with your resume. Unless you are applying for an acting job, don’t send it. It gives away too much personal information and to be honest, it’s kind of creepy.

5. Personal Cover letter. Remember that a cover letter is a chance to briefly describe your skillset and goals. We do not need to read about your relationship status, whether or not you have children or anything else regarding your personal life.

We see these 5 mistakes most commonly and think it’s that important to share them.