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Sealin’ the Deal, By Anna Doctors

hard-worker_dwightTemp to Perm (T2P) positions are an excellent way to get your foot in the door. They give you the opportunity to learn about a specific industry and see if it’s what you want for the long haul. Once you decide it’s where you want to be then it’s your job to prove yourself! Work your butt off for those first 3 months (or however long the temp period may be) so your manager knows you’re serious…

Here are some tips to sealin’ the deal:

1. First one in, last one out. It’s important to arrive earlier than the start time you’ve been assigned and stay a bit later to finish up some tasks of the day. Even if your manager isn’t there, he/she will notice. It makes a huge impression and shows your responsibility and reliability.

2. Ask for more work. Every position come with a list of daily/weekly tasks. Complete all of them and also ask for more. If you notice and team or department struggling to make a deadline, ask your manager if it would be okay to assist them in any way. Exceeding expectations is a sure sign that you are a dedicated and hard worker.

3. Request feedback. After you’ve settled in and been given a steady work flow, it’s important to see where you stand.  A review with your manager is one way to learn which areas you could improve upon and also get questions you may have answered.

Once everyone’s on the same page, you can optimistically and confidently carry out your temporary assignment and transition into the role on a permanent basis. CONGRATS!