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What did you say? by, Moira Donahue


So when they say that you should interview the interviewer, as they interview you (the interviewee), what exactly do they mean?

• They do not mean ask about benefits or salary on the first round
• They do not mean ask personal questions of the interviewer that are irrelevant to getting the job
• They do not mean ask for a guarantee for “growth” in the role before you even get an offer
• They do not mean ask how much your bonus may be

What “they” mean is don’t freak out, don’t be a mute and don’t allow yourself to get grilled in the hot seat of a Q&A session. Instead, make it a dialogue, a conversation, engage yourself and the interviewer, and tell your story. Make a personal connection so you can sell yourself in a way that isn’t too aggressive nor too cookie cutter. Ask questions that pertain to the specific position you are applying for and the corporate culture. Pose your questions in a complimentary way, like you are genuinely interested in the company, not in an accusatory way that will give the impression that you are passing judgment! Through these questions, you should discover whether you would like to work there and in doing so, tell them why they would like to have you. Strike a balance and be personable! Oh, and make sure to have an answer to each and every question that you ask of them. Last, but not least, relax, try to enjoy the experience and good luck!